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When the company was established the removal industry was not in its best shape, customers had the overall idea that movers were not the best bunch of people around and in most instances things didn’t get done according to plan or schedule, not to mention the things that got broken or lost along the way. This prompted us to sit down and think about it for a minute.

If we were to establish a successful removal company in Enfield we had to move away from the common misperception and deliver something new and worthwhile to our customers. This was easier said than done, but nevertheless we took up the challenge and set off on the long journey of becoming the best removal company in Enfield. The main idea behind this newly developed business concept of ours was to deliver a range of removal services that actually corresponded to what customers required.

From there on, the range of services had to be thorough and comprehensive enough as to provide complete customer coverage. By owning our own fleet of transport vehicles of all sizes and load capacities we were able to keep our prices low and the service open to more people, which was a pretty sophisticated business strategy for a removal company in Enfield. Gradually we expanded the range of services even more, adding new types of removals. Another department that we wanted to be champions in was quality and value for money.

We wanted to charge a fair price for what customers required from us, but at the same time we wanted to keep the services at a very high quality. In order to achieve this, we needed the right people to help us, after all running a successful company of any sorts is a team effort. We hired and trained many professionals with the relevant background experience, we invested many hours of training and many resources into what was to become a tight knit bunch of keen professionals that considered the company to be their second family and it seems this strategy has worked out. Our staff is perhaps the best trained and with the most technical expertise of any other removal company in Enfield.

In a nutshell, this business strategy seems to have worked out for us, but this was never going to happen if we didn’t take the time and effort to create a proper, adequate service list that incorporates high quality and low costs, something that not many operators can say they have achieved. So if you need something moved, but want to feel like a real, valued customer at the same time, then you can rely on us for down-to-earth, quality and affordable services, pretty good for a moving company in Enfield, right.

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